Train your eyes with Lulu!

Lulu! application supports home eyesight exercises and the development of visual function, i.e. gaze focusing, tracking, following, shifting the gaze, hand-eye coordination, contrast sensitivity, visual memory.

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Even six built-in games for infant & toddler eyes training

Choose one of six games to develop visual function

Lulu's Face

Put the device in different points of vision. Watch child's visual responses. If the child loses interest in the device, tap it and Lulu will send your child a little sweet kiss and attract child's attention.


The pinwheel helps to develop gaze focusing and contrast sensitivity. Depending on visual capabilities or your child's preferences, you can choose various patterns and colours. Just tap on the wings.


Straps help to work on eye movement and fast gaze shifting. Slide your finger and adjust the speed of straps movement so it fits your child's capabilities. You can practice vertically or horizontally.


Fish help you to work on gaze shifting. Where's the fish? Fish appear in different places. Tap the fish and a new hero in the this window will attract the child's attention.

Lulu can dance!

Select the type of accessories that you use every day. Let your toddler know the hero who also struggles with rehabilitation and has a great time!


The face and hands are the most attractive visual stimulus. Disappearing and appearing ball with contrasting colours moves so as to attract the eyes of the child. Tap the device to change its colour!

Ready for iOS
and Android devices

Lulu! App is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and every device with Android 2.2 or newer.


Our team

Oculino is a publishing house in Poland, which was established
to support a home rehabilitation of children with visual dysfunction.

Dorota Maciaszek

Dorota Maciaszek

Initiator and co-founder of Oculino. Full-time mom and a rehabilitant of a child with monocular visual impairment. Studying optometry at the Medical University in Poznan.

Joanna Bartosik

Joanna Bartosik

Illustrator and animator of Oculino. Tempering crayons student of graphic design at the University of Arts in Poznan.



Inspirer, daughter, girl

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